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TFTPD64 problem with running on Windows 10 PRO

first post: MikePL7 wrote: Hello, I'm having issues with launching portable TFTPD64 4.60 ( 4...


first post: mnemonic1 wrote: Ever visitited your own homepage using Google Chrome? Is tftpd now ...

latest post: mnemonic1 wrote: The warning in Chrome is now gone. Did you change something?

DHCP Multiple IPs

first post: tmonaghan wrote: Hi I have noticed a bug in TFTPD64 Version 4.6 DHCP fails to r...

DLL version of TFTPD32

first post: grab wrote: Hi all, As part of the reflash tool for our Linux-based firmware,...

tftpd64 doesn't work on windows server 2008R2

first post: lynnlin wrote: we are using the latest release tftpd64 v4.60 under win2008 R2 and ...

Link and File Problems for v4.60 (64-bit download link points to 32-bit, etc.)

first post: peterfnet wrote: Hello all, I came to download the the v4.60 64-bit Service edition ...

latest post: peterfnet wrote: Thanks! Great; thanks for all your hard work.

answered by: PhJounin wrote: Good catch! I have just fixed the broken link. It should be fine now.

Export classification

first post: tftpd32 wrote: Can you provide me with an ECCN number of your softwares Tftpd32 an...

latest post: PhJounin wrote: Since Tftpd32 have no encryption functionality, there is no export ...

Diffrences between tftpd32 and tftpd64

first post: tftpd32 wrote: Are Tftpd32 and Tftpd64 the same software ?

latest post: PhJounin wrote: Yes, the only difference is the compilation process. The executable...

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